Our Insurances do not cover transportation of Flammables, Compressed Gas, Oil, Sprays, Petrol, Paint, Hazardous Materials, Weapons and Explosives.


Inventory Form

To get an accurate quote without arranging a house visit, you can Download our Inventory Form, complete and return it to us. By scanning and emailing to or simply by post.

Goods in Transit Insurance

To see what is covered under the policy, download your copy of our Goods in Transit Insurance. Note, we are not able to take any flammables, compressed gas, paint, sprays or any hazardous materials.

Public Liability Insurance

For the Health and Safety reasons we ask all our customers to make sure there are no young children and pets on site on the moving date.

WHG Removals Contract

After you’ve accepted the quote, please download the contract, complete it, sign it and return it to us.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting our quote you are bind to our Terms and Conditions.


We would like to make your moving day less stressful, please make use of our Removal Tips