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Welcome to WHG Removals in Worcestershire

At WHG Removals in Worcestershire, we know what it is like to move. We know about the stress, critical timing and organizational challenges involved. Our experts are trained to help with packing, storage, transportation or house removal in Worcestershire. With our stellar reputation and years of experience, you will enjoy peace of mind and the confidence of knowing your belongings will arrive on time and intact.

Email or call 0800 0232363 for more information.

Specialists in All Aspects of Removals...

WHG Removals in Worcestershire specializes in any size residential, commercial, high rise, and warehouse relocation within Worcester and Worcestershire. WHG Removals offer full service moving, loading, unloading, packing, crating, and can handle specialty items like Grand Pianos and most pool tables in Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Evesham, Malvern, Redditch, Stourbidge, Stourport or other surrounding areas.

We will provide you a full or partial Moving Services, a Professional moving crew and expert packing, unpacking crating of marble, fine art and antiques furniture disassembly and re-assembly Piano Moving (all sizes), also professional office relocation in Worcestershire. Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving, but it is often overlooked. We wrap and protect your furniture before it leaves your home and secure it in the truck to ensure your belongings arrive safe and secure. All types of packing materials, including wardrobe boxes for your hanging garments.

Why Choose WHG Removals?

If you choose to use WHG Removals for your office relocation needs, you can rest assured that our professional movers are equipped to carefully pack, disassemble, colour label, bar code, store, deliver and reassemble everything in time for your move-in date. If you need help with logistics and planning, our staff of professional, expert moving and relocation specialists is here to help you sort out the details to make sure you don't lose a moment of productivity.

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